Thursday, October 24, 2013

An End to a Beginning - A blurb of words...

I made an announcement earlier today, that I was offered a contract on a short novella I shopped around last year.  This little story has seen so much hardship.  To date, I've gotten around 25-30 rejections on it, people saying "Not quite our style!".  Which is fine, that's great.  My work, it ain't for everyone!  That's for sure.

But, perseverance pays, literally $$.  All it took was one guy, in one office, reading one story, my story, and that was it.  This will be my fifth book, and I couldn't be more excited.

I promised a blurb, and here it is.  The release can be expected in early 2014.  Enjoy!

"You're standing outside the house of the man who helped murder your eight-year-old son.  You have a gun in your pocket, one you've never fired before, one you've never had to.  You're nervous, and you threw up a few minutes ago.  Some of it is still on your sleeve.  You've heard the body has a strange way of coping with things that don't agree with it and, well, this is definitely one of 'em.  

Right now, you're in Brian's shoes, and he's been waiting five long years to be where he is at this very moment.  He's dreamed, fantasized about it.  He's planned this.  Not in a sick way, at least he'd say so, but in the way a pencil eraser makes mistakes disappear.  He wants to make it right, and even worse, as the night takes him from a dilapidated drug house to a shady motel outside of Toledo, Ohio, he already knows where everything will end."